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The CruzPro GPS2 antenna contains a sensitive GPS receiver and GPS patch antenna and electronics to create an analog paddlewheel signal so you can display Speed Over the Ground (SOG) on a standard speed log without a transducer in the water. Also outputs standard NMEA 0183 data output for use with charting software or display on a radar or multi-function screen, etc.


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CruzPro GPS2 NMEA 0183 GPS and Paddlewheel output converter


Supply Voltage:
10.5 to 14.50 VDC 0.04 amps nominal.

Operating temperature:
0 to 50 deg Celsius ( 32 to 122 deg Fahrenheit).

50 x 35 x 30 mm (2 x 1.4 x 1.2 inch)

Internal GPS with internal GPS antenna.

Signal Output:
Analog paddlewheel signal 22,000 pulses per nautical mile.

GPS NMEA 0183 data output:
$GPRMC (Time, Lat, Lon, SOG, COG, Date)

Speed Range:
0.00 to 65.00 knots with 0.01 knot resolution.

Output Voltage:
0 to 12V nominal square wave for speedlog input
0-6V NMEA 0183 serial data output

Cable: 9M (30 Feet)


No speed transducer required.
No extra hole(s) in your boat.
No fouling or cleaning of the paddle wheel.
Gives speed over the ground.
Unaffected by water currents.
More reliable than a paddlewheel.
More accurate than a paddlewheel.
Resolution of 0.01 knots.
Accurate up to 65.00 knots.
Provides GPS NMEA 0183 data to your chartplotter, Nav program, etc.
Good backup if your paddlewheel suddenly stops working.

GPS2 GPS antenna with paddlewheel signal converter

The GPS2 aGPS antenna outputs NMEA 0183 serial data and also creates an analog paddlewheel output signal from the built-in GPS so you can connect and display Speed Over the Ground (SOG) on a standard analog or digital speed log.

The GPS2 outputs standard NMEA 0183 serial data for use with your favorite charting software, chartplotter or NMEA 0183 data repeater.

The GPS2 replaces a thru-hull or transom mount paddlewheel speed transducer and provides Speed Over the Ground in place of Speed Through the Water.

No more cleaning of paddlewheels to remove marine growth or weeds.

Provides a more accurate estimate of time to get to your destination since it is not affected by water currents and provides a resolution of 0.01 knots from 0.00 to 65.00 knots.

The GPS2 is powered by 12VDC and draws only 0.04 amps.

Read the article about the SOG1 (without internal GPS) written by Mark Corke here: Click here to read the article

GPS2 Connection Diagram

GPS2 Connection Diagram

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